Hi, Hi! I'm Lindsay... 


Being an extrovert, people make me extremely happy. Although, I recently took a weekend solo hiking trip on the Mississippi, and I am learning to appreciate the solo time to truly get to know yourself. It's hard work, but, as my mom says... "no matter where you go... there you are."


My photography career started at Summerfest, The Worlds Largest Music Festival in 2008. After posting those photos on Facebook, I was asked to photographed my first wedding, wait... what? A concert photographer turned wedding photographer?! Literally, my first couple said, "Well, if you can photograph Flavor Flave, you can photograph my wedding".

And I never looked back.


I love coffee, it calms my nerves and makes me happy.


I am EXTREMELY awkward in front of a camera. I recently had my photos taken professionally. Honestly, besides my wedding day this was the first time I've ever been solo infant of a camera. My photo above is one of my favorites from that session.


The slogan "Your Family Historian" was created during a conversation with a family I have been photographing for 9 years. It dawned on me, and stuck!


I will bust out my "awkward robot" when I am not sure what to do next.


Ultimately, my number one goal is to create images that you see yourself in. Not other couples, not the classic poses in the classic style on Pinterest and Instagram. But photos as your true authentic self. Period.

Enough about me, let's talk about you! Connect with me HERE to talk more. 



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During your wedding I am there to capture your natural moments and provide prompts and suggestions when needed. That way, you get to see the little moments and subtleties that are usually missed. 

My experience being part of weddings has gone back over 10, yes TEN years (boy, it has gone by in a flash). From assisting wedding planning in Chicago, to opening up Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company's event and wedding venue in Downtown Milwaukee, I have seen it all. 

Wedding Packages start at $3,000


Family Adventure Sessions:

During our sessions together we run, laugh, and play at a location of your choice. Maybe it's a favorite park, during apple picking at a local orchard or decorating for the holidays. Or, your home. I love jumping into your shoes and seeing you the environment that makes everyone most comfortable and relaxed. And I love preserving the memories that will last generations.